Hey guys, this is going to be a potentially long post, and it won’t be the regular satirical posts that I tend to write. I haven’t had the chance to tell everyone why I started a blog; most bloggers do this as their first blog but… I didn’t so I figured we should all get on the same page.

Now I am not a nerd who sits at home and plays video games and blogs about my life, and I am not a stay at home mother who needs to do something with her time… fact is I could never be a mother seeing as I am not a woman… clear up that issue right off the bat as well. To really understand why I started this blog I have to take you back to 2009 and do a quick overview of the year, there isn’t just one factor that plays into this blog of mine.

Starting in January 2009, I was in a… relationship of sorts. Probably not the best idea seeing as the semester of school was pretty brutal as well. But this was one of those relationships where everyone is telling you it’s a bad idea, and the writing is clearly on the wall but you disregard everything because you are apparently extremely naïve and you get a nice kick in the groin. As I have already stated, the brutal semester, coupled with a dysfunctional relationship, really took a toll.

This brings us to about May, where I get a little beagle puppy. Her name is Stella and she is pretty badass. No matter how badass she is though, she was extremely stressful and I hated my life for a couple of months. She’s a morning dog, I’m not really into mornings, it took some getting used to. In July I was fired from my job as a tour guide for Pelee Island Winery (this is by no means a plug for them, do not buy their wine, you don’t know what they put into it…). A lot of people think it was because I was caught drinking at work, but I was never caught drinking at work because I am stealth. They actually had no reason to fire me at all and we are currently in labour disputes and the government is involved and it’s really crazy but I don’t really want to get into it. Anyway I get a new job and all is good until we get to September. University starts up again, and this commences the worst semester yet. I am fearful that the “brutal” trend will continue, hopefully not though. Anyway most of my classes are okay, except for one in particular… Organizational Behaviour. This is one of those courses where you get a foreign prof with a thick accent that doesn’t know how to teach and tries to make the course sound a lot more important than what it is. In essence it was a regurgitation of two previous courses from the year prior. It’s a money grab is basically what I am saying. A requirement for this course is running a fundraiser for a local charity. This is easy enough, but I was put in the worst group known to man-kind. I had the first year student that should not even be in the class, I had the stoner that didn’t talk and didn’t show up to group meetings, I had the girl that “really wanted to do well” but needed me there to hold her hand every step along the way, and I had another kid… I don’t really know what to say about him. He wasn’t helpful, but I never had much conflict with him. He was just there. But this group wasn’t really a group, it was me running the entire fundraiser which turned out to be a full time job. That, with four other courses, and a part time job… was a lot for me to handle. Organizational Behaviour was really the last straw, and I snapped.

This wasn’t necessarily a bad “snap,” it was really just me losing interest in everything to do with school and I guess I distanced myself from some people as well. In this time I spent hours on facebook, I made “notes” for the one class that I hated trying to show the uselessness of the course and a lot of people thought it was humourous. So this turned into any time that there was something to be completed for Organizational Behaviour, or if there was a midterm to study for and whatnot, I would get extremely sidetracked and write something fun instead. This eventually became the first two posts of my blog. I had the most enjoyment starting this blog than anything else I did in all of 2009.

If you have followed my… two posts… you will have noticed that I have switched blogging sites a few times already. I started out on blogspot.com, and they gave me the option to have ads on my blog and gain money from every click that they got. Now if you know me, I am very much against Corporate America, I hate consumerism, and I also hate advertising. Putting ads on my blog was extremely hypocritical of me. My logic was this though: Most people are against prostitution, but if they become a pimp then it’s all good! If you make money doing it then where is the problem? I am a starving student and I could really use the extra cash. Unfortunately, I supposedly made too much money too fast and they suspended my account and would not pay me for the advertising I had done. So I took off the ads and I left BlogSpot (BlogSpot is owned by Google) and I have started using Bing! as my default search engine and hompage instead of Google. I moved my blog to Xanga.com, but only after did I realize that it contains a lot of ads from Google. I have finally ended up on WordPress, and they do have a few ads, but less than any other blogging site I have found. Cutting Google out of your internet life is proving to be extremely difficult, but I am trying.

So in a nutshell, 2009 was a terrible year and Organizational Behaviour was an absolute nightmare and that’s what got the blog rolling. I also have a lot of thoughts that I think should be recorded? Maybe?

There has been a huge shift in perspectives in my life now, though, and with the enjoyment of this blog I have contemplated whether a Bachelor of Commerce degree is what I should be pursuing or if I should be getting into English and Creative Writing. I am sure I will keep you guys updated on that in the days/weeks/months/howeverlongittakesmetodecide to come.

I guess I should say something about the title of my blog as well: Anarchist Party. Whenever I am asked how I vote in elections and such, or whenever there is a debate about politics I usually tell people that I vote anarchy. It is supposed to be funny although a lot of people do not get the joke. Anarchism is a form of political thought, or a philosophy, which views compulsory government as unnecessary, undesirable, and harmful, and anarchists favour the abolition of government. Now it would almost be an oxymoron for there to be a political party that is an anarchist party, because they would be hypocritical of themselves for running for government. So I guess it’s not as funny if you have to explain it… but its political humour? I have always found this to be humourous and that’s how the name of my blog came about.  

The goal is to have two blog posts per month, and I am going to even set the dates for myself right now. Let’s say the 2nd and the 22nd of every month from now on. Hopefully I will have another class this semester that I absolutely hate, because I think that really stimulates my creative writing and whatnot… not that I think anyone really cares. What I am trying to say is that most the posts will hopefully be similar to the first two, but I am sure there will be the odd post that will be me just chatting with you guys like this.

Well… keep on keeping on and continue checking out Anarchist Party.