Were you ever walking in the mall and you had a double take on a child? Not because the child was good looking – because that would be wrong… but because the child was attached to a leash?! And I am not talking about a metaphorical leash saying that the child is whipped into shape… an actual leash attached to them so that they don’t run off. I want to take this opportunity to say: “Thank you mum and dad, for not keeping me attached to a leash. Thank you mum and dad for having proper parenting skills. I am better mentally for that.”

Do you really get so distracted that you can’t pay attention to your child?! Or is your child a seeing eye child? I am confused as to why else you would need a leash. As I have already stated I was fortunate to not be a leash child, but I can only assume that it is traumatic! I have a genius idea… hold your child’s hand! Its called LOVE!

This is a mother taking her children out for a walk… much like the way I take my dog for walks.

This child looks so happy! ……………… The monkey on his back is showing him more love than his parents ever will.

I just really hope it doesn’t turn into this:

This… is a great concern to me.

Everyone, we must be united against the use of leashes on our young! Band together and stop negligent parents, and give the youth of our world a little bit more love.

Until next time, keep on keeping on,