Dear Dr. Suess,

Where is Whoville? Is it on the speck that Horton found, or is it on a snowflake floating in a snow storm? I appreciate both Horton Hears a Who, and The Grinch, but I have a few concerns that I want to address.

Firstly, in Horton Hears a Who, Whoville is celebrating their centennial of nothing bad EVER happening in Whoville. But in The Grinch, something bad definitely did happen. The Grinch happened. Now, you could argue that the story of the Grinch was hopeful and heart-warming, seeing as the Grinch’s heart grew three times its size (or was it seven?), but what happened to the Grinch when he was a child was traumatizing and terrible on the part of the other Who’s. So did the Grinch come before Whoville on a speck – 100 years before – or after the centennial of nothing bad ever happening? Also, are Whoville years the same as human years? How long do specks usually last for? Snowflakes only last for the winter season, or shorter!

Secondly, from Horton Hears a Who, they have a motto “a person’s a person, no matter how small.” In The Grinch, though, you have the mayor of Whoville telling everyone to hate the Grinch because he is different, and not to listen to Cindy Lou Who because she is just a little girl. Should this be the same Whoville, would they not have the same values? Or does the Whoville motto not apply to colour of people. That isn’t spreading a good message. Alas the Grinch is accepted, though, so racism is conquered? This still doesn’t answer the question of why the mayor wasn’t listening to Cindy Lou Who, is she not an equal contributing member to the society of Whoville?

Here is the main issue: Horton Hears a Who-ville is on a speck which is on a flower. This speck does float along though, so you could argue that The Grinch Whoville is also the speck, but on a Snowflake, but nothing is said about the speck on the snowflake… just that Whoville is on a snowflake. Now, if Whoville is a snowflake, and the snowflake unexpectedly found tropical weather, what would happen? Would Whoville – essentially an entire mini-world – cease to exist? I am not quite sure where Horton lives, but he lives around a Kangaroo, so I am assuming Australia. Are there elephants in Australia? And Australia is mostly warm, but it does snow there in the mountains, but that is a far way for a speck to travel… unless carried by an elephant… hmm.

Maybe you were unhappy with Horton Hears a Who-ville (which you wrote first), and decided to rectify it with The Grinch’s Whoville? Horton Hears a Who-ville seems like a much nicer place though.

Dr. Suess, I am lost and I am confused, and I would really like some clarification.

Please advise,


“wtf are you even talking about?”