So you may be thinking, “Hey AnarchistParty, just because you deleted Facebook doesn’t mean EVERYONE else should have to delete it too! Why are you so down on Facebook? I like all of my un-genuine Facebook birthday wishes and I like thinking I have 2000 friends!” Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but you might not have those 2000 friends for long, because Facebook might actually kill them.

Mark Zuckerberg, best known for having over 500,000,000 friends, has been making some important decisions lately. One of them being how to power Facebook’s first data centre, located in Oregon, United States. This facility, which is said to require the power demand of 30-40,000 homes, had the option of being fuelled by wind and green energy, or by coal. Mark Zuckerberg, in all his wisdom, thought it be wise to poison his 500,000,000 friends and power his facility using coal. Foolish Zuckerberg. It doesn’t really take a genius to realise that the largest demographic of Facebook users are between the ages of 18-24. And what is the most popular fad for people of that age range right now? One word: GREEN. 

Get with it Zuckerberg, or your 500Million friends might unFriend you, they might unFriend Facebook, they might not keep on keeping on.


Unfriend Facebook until Facebook unfriends coal. 
Deactivate your account now.