Wuddup world. This is your friend, AnarchistParty. I have been utterly depressed for the past couple days… or has it been weeks? I don’t really know, thing is I have been depressed for a while. And I am sitting here at my computer listening to a mix between Elton John and Radiohead, and I am contemplating my life. It has been a bit of a ride hasn’t it? I mean after nine months of brewing in a belly I fell through a hole into this dark abyss. If that isn’t a miracle in itself, I am still alive in my 20’s! That’s pretty impressive considering I was the coolest of kids and found fun in locking myself in the trunks of vehicles.

I talk a lot about being a child. Children are so much better than adults. I mean us adults, we take things so seriously… and we work non-stop… and we are grouchy in the morning without coffee… and we have road rage… and we have all these rules! RULES! Man, am I ready for a revolution where the working class might just take back a bit of their freedom? Yeah. Yeah I am. I feel so constrained! But children! Damn, they are useless sure… but they have real freedom! They have an imagination! Well, maybe not anymore. Kids are raised by TV’s and video games now. What are we doing to the youth of the world?

I am sitting here, and I am down on the world because I am wondering what is next. After all this education I am going through… what is next? I really want to be a writer, but education seems to be killing me. Me and my imagination. I want to write more than a blog, in fact I have written a children’s book before, but I come home from class most days and my brain doesn’t want to work anymore. I have no imagination anymore. I can sit for hours thinking and waiting for something clever to write about, but nothing comes. I just sit, and think, and sit, and…….

What is this? I need to do more than just keep on keeping on.