Haven’t been here in a while. What a shame. I was going strong for a while. Good thing I have a job meow where I have to sit and wait for customers for hours. It gets quite exhausting. But a perfect opportunity to sit and write to all of my avid readers. So the topic for today is fantasy.

Why did I choose this topic? Well I have been reading the fantasy series Codex Alera by Jim Butcher, and its bringing me back to the summer days where all I would do is read Harry Potter. There is something about fantasy novels that make me regret being human. I didn’t really have a choice in the matter, but fuck – I would love to have powers over elemental forces, or wield a magical wand, or be able to turn into a bear! I WOULD LOVE TO BE A BEAR!!

I am none of these things though. It actually makes me sad. Humans are so boring. We are simple and fragile. That is kind of why I never really liked Batman. He isn’t super like Superman. He is a human like you and me… only with no parents and lots of money. I could do the same things he does if I was faced with the same situation. People tell me all the time that Batman is their favorite superhero. Their ignorance frustrates me. Batman is a vigilante, NOT a superhero.

I like to think about super powers a lot. What would your super power be if you had a choice?

One of my biggest fears is growing old. So that has always played an influence in my choice of superpower. A lot of people say that they would love to fly, because they could go anywhere they wanted to. I have to admit, flying would be pretty spectacular. But I don’t really want to fly. It’s not that I am afraid of heights or anything like that. I would rather be more powerful. Power is sexy. I would love to have control over time and space. I would be able to travel through time, teleport, and have the ability to speed up, slow down, or completely stop time. I think that is probably the best superpower you could have. Think about it. You want to sleep – stop time, sleep, start time. You will never miss a moment. It would really free up your day!

Power over time and space is a very close contender to being a werebear. It’s like a werewolf, but better because you would be a bear. Bears are fierce. Basically I want to be Beorn from The Hobbit. I don’t know if I would want to be a great black bear… I’d probably be a better Grizzly. GAHHH WHAT IF I HAD WOLVERINE CLAWS, COULD FLY AND HAVE CONTROL OVER TIME AND SPACE AS A BEAR!! I would be unstoppable.