Walking hand in hand, Stan and Evelyn paced the steps to their front door. It was just past dusk, and they were returning from walking down by the lake. There was a little ice cream parlor called Benjamin’s that Stan and Evelyn loved to go to during the summer months. Every Thursday since they were married was their date-night, and they religiously upheld Thursday night as date-night for each other, because with children – and now grandchildren! – life can get hectic and they never wanted to forget about the most important person in their lives.

Tonight was Thursday, and they spent the night walking down by the lake with an ice cream cone in one hand, and each others hand held tightly in the other. Stan always went with Black Cherry ice cream, and Evelyn got Chunky-Monkey.

It was just past dinner time and children and teenagers were starting to gravitate towards the lake. The lake served as a social spot for most kids during the summer. Stan didn’t like all the noise.

“Kids! So many kids! I’ve had my children, and I still have to deal with them.”

“Come now Stanley,” Evelyn was the only person in the world to call him ‘Stanley,’ “it isn’t too bad. They aren’t causing any harm. Remember when we were teenagers? Remember when we would sit all night by the lake with our friends – even before you decided to finally ask me out on a date? We were these kids once.”

“Sometimes I wish we could just have the lake to ourselves, its harder to kiss you like I used to when there are so many people around.” And with that Stan freed his hand, and wrapped his arm around Evelyn , pressing his waist into hers, and kissed her gently but growled low and deep with a want and a need in his tone. He released her, grasped her hand again, and continued walking down the path with Evelyn as though nothing had happened.

Evelyn smiled. She never lost the feeling of butterflies when Stan kissed her.

Stan and Evelyn weren’t young anymore. Stan’s once dark brown hair had turned a soft shade of gray, and his hair was a bit thinner. His beard, once lush, was kept clean shaven and Stan noticed that he no longer had to shave as often as he used to. That simple fact made him feel old, but his face was still youthful. Lines started to form around his mouth, that became much more pronounced when he laughed, and he also had lines in the corner of his eyes, but his eyes were not dark and sullen like many people his age. Evelyn wasn’t much different. They say as you grow old with someone, you start to look like them, you look like you belong together, and that was truly the case with Stan and Evelyn . Evelyn only stopped dying her hair three or four years ago, and now it was a dark gray with a hint of blue – still thick, and just past her shoulders. Her face has started to show the sign’s of aging, but she liked the wrinkles on her face. Her grandmother always told her that her wrinkles were formed from wisdom she received from over the years and from seeing many moons – and Evelyn always wanted to be the same way her grandmother was when she was older. Her creases were just beginning, but so were the lives of her grandchildren. Evelyn was beautiful though, he face always bright, rosy, and smiling. Stan and Evelyn were truly happy.

Up on their front porch, about to head in for the night, Evelyn pauses for a moment and directs Stan over to their cozy porch swing, where they sit and rock back and forth as the last of the day’s light vanishes from the sky. “I love you” Evelyn whispers to Stan. And Stan leans over to kiss Evelyn on the cheek.

“I love you more.” Stan replied.

Evelyn smiled.

Chunky Monkey