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It’s funny what makes me want to write blog posts… right now my house smells of a mixture of girl shampoo and bacon. This smell… kills me. Some roommates have no respect. I have this one roommate though (or housemate rather) who is probably the coolest cat I have ever met (speaking of cats, check out the video at the bottom of this post… Cutest. Kitty video. Evarrr.) and she wrote this poem and she agreed to let me throw it up here. Who knows – it might make her famous.

Things you should know about my EPIC roommate:

– She has two nicknames: Little Red Riding Hood, Cousin IT

– She plays guitar, and bass

– She loves the Red Hot Chili Peppers, maybe too much…

– Favourite colour: Orange

– She is super old… going on 22

– She is half Asian… but might as well be full Asian while driving a car…

– She is a Tarot Master, and has slight ESP tendencies

– She thinks that I am a hermit… and I like that

– When it comes to beer, she is a tank… and I like that too

– She cooks a MEAN veggie burger, but thank god she’s not a vegetarian

– Never agree to cut onions for her, as you will never have the Asian knife mastery needed to cut the onions to the proper size. She will insist that they will “have more flavour” the way you cut them, but she is really insulting your onion cutting skills.

– She gets embarrassed very easily

– This roommate of mine is probably one of the best friends I have, and I am super lucky to be her friend. So when I complain about roommates, know that I would never be complaining about this roommate in particular.

So now that you know a bit about my friend, here is her poem:

grains of sand

as i look into this hourglass

i become so indecisive

the sands they hold a power

that i fear i cannot handle


been here, know this place well

it’s hardly worth it in the end

the expectation crushed by reality

when the sands’ cascade is complete


i’d like to change my point of view

feel free of doubt and shame

and dance the night away

i wanna take it with a grain


i want to do the right thing

i want to so bad

yet we frolic in the desert

thirsting for happiness


composed of glass

i’ve become from these grains of sand

here i am again

set the winds in motion


And here is that cute video I found for you guys!

Epically, legendarily, cute.

Until next time, keep on keeping on.