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Before we get started – I know the second and twenty-second of every month. I am scrapping that while I am in school. It is not feasible and it makes me feel guilty. Leave me alone.

I have been off Facebook for… almost 2 days now. I am going through withdrawals. As soon as I deleted my Facebook, I thought to myself, “I should update my status to tell people that I’m not on Facebook anymore…” but there is a problem with that. I no longer have a status! So I am sitting in front of my computer wondering to myself “what now?” Have I really consumed THAT much time with Facebook that I literally have no ideas of what to do with myself? I have now resorted to writing a blog post for a blog that few of my friends even know about.

What made me do this? Good question. I have been talking about deactivating it for a while – committing Facebook suicide. But talk is just talk, and I thought it was time to take the plunge. Perfect timing anyway, as the prowl has stopped for a bit as rejection has hit hard again. Wanting to pull a Bon Iver (If you don’t know who Bon Iver is… he is a current pocket band of mine, the story behind him is pretty sweet – I’ll put a link to a song below this post… feel privileged, I don’t do this for anyone…) and isolate myself in a small cabin in a forest, and leave everything behind, this is the best I will be able to do… for now anyway. This sounds depressing. See the thing is… I love humanity, but I hate people. People are frustrating and complicated. Who needs people?    

Good things have happened since I have been off Facebook! Seeing as I have extra time on my hands I need to find other amusing things to do. A lot of people have recently been calling me Recyclops, a fictional character that Dwight Schrute plays every Earth Day on The Office. They call me this because I have recently been increasingly concerned about the state of our environment. In my university there is an area for business students to socialize, hang out, and study with other conceited and pretentious business students. I hang out there sometimes… and my blood BOILS! All these people are throwing out their coffee cups! Everyone should know that the plastic tops and the cardboard-ish cups are both recyclable! A problem, though, is that there is only one recycle bin in the student lounge, and business students (and other students who have a big enough ego to fit in) throw garbage in the recycle bin along with recyclables – because they are really smart – and therefore leave the recycle bin ineffective. (I seem to have quite a bit of pent up anger for the Business program, I must add that there are a few cool cats in the Business program, and I am in Business myself so I really shouldn’t knock them too hard… most business students act extremely conceited sometimes and that really bothers me – CALL OUT TO JESSE BAUER AND HARVARD!!)

Anyway, back to the story at hand… I raised enough hell in the right places to get a three tier recycle / garbage bin in the student lounge so that everything is divided and organized simply so everyone can help save the environment. It also gives students no excuse to not recycle, and me the right to bitch people out who don’t. I see this as a small victory for me… and who knows… if I had Facebook maybe I wouldn’t have ever done this! I probably would have resorted to a Facebook group / Fan Page / angry status update. And really… talk is just talk until you actually do something.

What else have I done without Facebook? I don’t know… its only been two days, although that is like a year and a half in Facebook time. I am just hoping that good things come from this change, and so far I have seen good things.

And guys, I have been working on an epic tale about my roommates and me and drama… its going to be great and I will be posting it here as soon as it is done. So buckle up and get ready!

Until next time, keep on keeping on.