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Guys, I have dropped the ball already. I am sorry, but I have been busy with midterms and assignments and such. University life: its balls.

When I write a post for AnarchistParty I tend to want to rant. Today, I feel different. I don’t really feel like ranting because today has been awesome. I woke up today, no one was home. I made a coffee made some breakfast and let my puppy outside and then… nothing. I am now sitting in front of a laptop that isn’t mine and listening to Leonard Cohen. I am being interrupted by my puppy once in a while… but I give her a piece of dry cold toast that was in my toaster this morning and she is the happiest puppy ever. You got to love how easily puppies are amused.

Lately I have been becoming a bit of an environmentalist, and with the state of the world today I think that protecting the environment is something that is very important for everyone. We have been destroying this world for years. It has been dying before I was a thought to existence. So is it our fault for what is happening to our environment? Maybe our impact is not as bad as previous generations, but I am no Environmental Scientist… so I am not really in the position to ante in on who has hurt the earth the most. But it is small situations like this, watching a happy little puppy run around, or a little squirrel run up a tree, stray cats outside fighting each other for a can of tuna… well maybe not the last one, but the little things make me realize that we really are the visitors here no matter who cliché that might sound. We have the power to turn this world around, but what are we doing to make this happen?

I recently watched a video of a conference that was held in Ontario Canada, and it was one guy talking about the global economy, the environment, and oil. He explained how the idea that we are running out of oil is a fallacy. We are running out of convenient oil to burn. Slowly the gas prices will be up to seven dollars a litre because the cost of extracting the oil will be extremely expensive (not only that, it will also be using hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water as well… aren’t there parts of the world desperately in need of fresh water?). I have said for years that I would not mind paying three or four dollars a litre if I knew that tax money from gasoline (we all know gas is heavily taxed) was going to help clean the environment, to reduce the impact from my consumption of that gasoline. We know that our tax money from gasoline does not go to anything like that though.

The guy giving the talk also spoke a bit about Kyoto, and how it was never meant to stop CO2 emissions, nor was it meant to stop the pollution of the world. All it was going to do is redistribute the impact so that CO2 emissions were spread over a wider area, and in effect less concentrated. As I said before, I am no scientist… but the air is the air. It moves around. One country ALWAYS affects the other. And CO2 is CO2, no matter what country you’re from. Great minds of the world at work on that one eh…

The link to this video will be put below the post, I urge everyone to check it out.

This world is a really beautiful place. You might live in a rough neighbourhood, or downtown in a large city, or you might be “down in the dumps” and everything might be going wrong for you, but this world is the only one we have. If you are not recycling – think about the innocent puppies of the world. If you are grocery shopping – look for the least amount of plastic packaging… the little squirrels will thank you. If you can walk and enjoy the stray cats fighting instead of driving – do that too! It is time we start caring, its time we start looking out for ourselves and the ones that can’t help themselves. If you are a University student, or a high school student, keep your campuses clean! There are garbage’s and recycle bins everywhere these days. If you are an elementary school teacher, we all know that a lot of what you learn in elementary school is bull shit – take your class outside and clean up! I remember getting in trouble in elementary school (a lot) and picking up garbage was considered to be a punishment! Why would we want that to be a punishment for children? Does that not give a negative connotation to the idea of keeping our world clean? Stop throwing away your recyclables… that’s putting us on a path that can only lead to further destruction of our planet. Let’s all just start being socially responsible, if you don’t care about your planet, please care about mine.

Keep on keeping on,

A Concerned World-Citizen


I mean seriously… are they fighting or hugging?! I love cute kitty pictures…