I feel as though I need to fill this box. I have not given my name in this blog, so I am only known as AnarchistParty. I enjoy eating ice cream, and searching for images of kittens on the interweb. I do not use Google, I prefer Bing! Most of my relationships are strictly platonic, but I get freaky with it from time to time.

I like to say I live on my own, but I own roommates. I don’t really own them… but if I did I would banish them and then I really would live on my own. Too bad you can’t own people these days. Just kidding. Also, by roommates I don’t mean we share the same room, we share the same house. Maybe I should say they are housemates.

I enjoy long walks on the beach, but I do not like getting wet, so please don’t push me in the water.

I guess I haven’t stated what this blog is about. I don’t even know what this blog is about. I don’t know why I own a blog. I guess I own it because I have thoughts… and I like to share them. So what is this blog about? Its about AnarchistParty sharing thoughts.

I am glad this blog requirement is completed. Its been stressing me out.